Tips about playing and killing Scouts

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Tips about playing and killing Scouts

Postby [CS] Maugrin on Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:48 pm

Scouts are the most annoying class in TF2. (Spy's a close second) They're difficult to learn and a good Scout can be almost impossible to kill. So I thought since I play a lot as Scout I'd give some tips about how to play Scout, and more importantly how to keep a good Scout at bay. (even me :mrgreen: )

When playing Scout the most important piece of advice I can give is to just keep moving! Scouts don't have a lot of health so it's vital to make it difficult for other people to hit you. Since Scouts don't have a lot of health it's a good idea to attack form behind or from the side. The Scout is at it's best when the enemy doesn't see you coming. Most of the Scout's weapons are best when used at close range, but each gun has it sweetspots and it helps to play around with different weapons to see which one fits your play style the best. For me, the Shortstop fits me the best. It has more range than the other options and can still pack a punch. While the Scattergun and the Force of Nature does more damage, but has less range. I like to stay at about medium range with my Shortstop, this allows me to react to the moves and actions of the opponents, but that's my play style and it doesn't work for everyone.

When going up against a good Scout make sure to pick up on his/her on play style and act accordingly. If he jumps a lot, play Pyro. If he's like to get up close or is a hit-and-run type, play Soldier. I find the Soldier, Pyro, and Scout are the best classes to play when there's a pesky Scout on the other side. One weapon that seems to be effective against Scouts is the default shotgun. It does pretty good damage up close, and since most Scouts like to get up close and personal, this makes it a good choice.

Hope this helps some, feel free to add your own tips. :D
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