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Attn: TF2 admins

Postby [CS] Joab on Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:56 am

Since CS members will be admins in our TF2 server, and since many of you are new to TF2, I wanted to point out that there are a couple of things in this game that you might believe are hacks/exploits, but which are not.

* If you see someone wearing a hat with unusual effects, it is a rare hat (they are called "unusuals"). Here are screen shots of what I'm talking about. I saw a guy in our server last night with an unusual Scout hat with the Scorching Flames Effect. These hats can only be obtained by trading for them or finding them in MannCo crates.

* If you see a player with a weapon or hat that sparkles it means they have contributed something to Valve and have been rewarded with this effect on, for instance, a weapon. Here is an example of a community weapon (on right) with the sparkles. Here is another example.

* If you see someone that has a weapon with a unique name or description they have simply used a name tag and/or description tag to change the name or description tag on the item. I've done this with the Eyelander, changing its name to "Sword of Joab" and its description to "Feared by Generals and Princes, the Sword of Joab can be quite deceitful". Name tags and description tags can be purchased in the MannCo store, traded for or found in MannCo crates. If the name or description of the object falls outside the boundaries of good taste warn them to stop using it. If they fail to adhere to the warning follow our customary admin practices (warn again if unsure they saw/heard the first warning, then kick).

* If you see a Demoman running faster than other Demos it doesn't meant he's speed hacking. If he's using the Eyelander or HHHH he will get a slight speed increase (as well as a health increase) for every kill he gets with that weapon. Those bonuses stop after 4 kills (per life, not accumulated), but if he gets 4 kills with it that Demoman will be moving nearly as fast as a Scout.

* If you see a Demoman glowing, moving extremely fast and yelling then he is using the Chargin' Targe. With this weapon he can charge at great speed. Video example below.

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Re: Attn: TF2 admins

Postby [CS] Scubadvr on Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:24 pm

I would add to this, though, if there's a skillet-licker waiting just outside a spawn exit like the last part of that video, he or she will be subject to the "No Cheap /Corner camping" rule.
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