The config file and you

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The config file and you

Postby [CS] Joab on Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:07 pm

C/Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/<your name>/team fortress 2/tf/cfg

Now that you've found it, start by right clicking on "config". If it's set to Read Only uncheck that or else no changes will be saved. From the Wiki we find some CVARs you might use (the number next to it is the default setting). When you are finished editing your config file make sure you set it to Read Only or it will get changed back to defaults the next time you play TF2! And it is a good idea to save a copy of your config file before you make any changes so if you manage to somehow mess it up you can restore it using the copy.

hud_classautokill 1
Automatically kill player after choosing a new playerclass (if set to 0 you will change to the selected class after the next death)

net_graph 0
Draw the network usage graph, = 2 draws data on payload, = 3 draws payload legend.

net_graphpos 1
1 is right, 2 is centre, 3 is left

cl_hud_minmode 0
Display a more minimalist tf2 styled HUD interface if set to 1

cl_showfps 0
Show the current frames per second. 1 for instant, 2 for averaged

fov_desired 75
Sets the base field-of-view, can be set to 75 or 90

tf_hud_notification_duration 3
How long to display hud notification panels before fading them

tf_hud_num_building_alert_beeps 2
Number of times to play warning sound when a new alert displays on building hud objects (Engineer)

Notice that last one is specifically for the Engineer? Yep. You can change it in your master config file but if you didn't notice when you arrived at it, there is a config file for each of the 9 classes in the game. Thus, you could enact this setting in just your Engie config file too. Your choice.

From the Wiki we also find a wealth of scripting information. Binding scripts simply makes an action easier for you to do. For instance, if you want to alert your team to an enemy Spy in the area you hit X+2 (X is one of the voice menus). That means moving your fingers around, and off of the movement keys. For that very reason I bound the Q key to perform the same action as X+2, so if I suspect a Spy I slide my left pinky up and hit Q. Much easier. To do this I simply added this to my config file
bind "q" "voicemenu 1 1"

If you want to do likewise here are the voice menus, and the options for each
Menu 0
0: Medic
1: Thanks
2: Go
3: Move Up
4: Flank Left
5: Flank Right
6: Yes
7: No

Menu 1
0: Incoming
1: Cloaked Spy
2: Sentry Ahead
3: Teleporter Here
4: Dispenser Here
5: Sentry Here
6: Activate Ubercharge
7: (Medic Only) Ubercharge Ready

Menu 2
0: Help
1: Battlecry
2: Cheers
3: Jeers
4: Positive
5: Negative
6: Nice Shot
7: Good Job

Voice menu 0 is the z key on the keyboard, menu 1 is the x key and menu 2 is the c key.

You can read the entire Wiki article on scripting here. You can also find community scripts here, with some class-specific scripting info too. Finally, here is a list of all bindable keys in TF2.
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Re: The config file and you

Postby AeitoTheouSophias on Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:47 am

Is there a way to save the advanced options in your config file? It's annoying to have to go in there and change them everytime i play. Most of the time i forget and have to change it while in game.
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